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Cup Brush

  Wire cup brushes are intended primarily for use on portable
power tools for addressing larger surface areas more efficiently
than a wheel brush. Cup brushes featuring a threaded nut are
designed for smooth, efficient operation on angle grinders to
make quick work of large jobs. Utility cup brushes featuring a
permanently attached 1/4" stem are more suitable for smaller jobs
and are recommended for use on high speed air tools for the most
effective brushing action and longest life.
   Cup brushes are available in a variety of knot wire and crimped
wire configurations for use in a broad range of surface cleaning
applications, and they are manufactured with individual knot hole
and solid ring construction for high performance and long life. Delta's
cup brushes are available in heat-treated steel, Type 302 stainless
steel, and bronze or brass wire.

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Weiler 12316
Weiler 12316 SR4 4".023 5/8-11 Wire Cup Brush
Weiler 12376
Weiler 12376 SR6 6" .023 5/8-11 Wire Cup Brush
Weiler 12556
Weiler 12556 DR6 6".023 5/8-11 Wire Cup Brush
Weiler 13258
Weiler 13258 SRA-2 2 3/4".020 5/8-11 Stainless Steel