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Marvel 115415

Marvel 115415 4 1/2 X 7/8 X AZ36 Resin Fiber Disc


 Aluminum Zirconia  coated, for high speed steel (HSS), stainless steel and hard steel. Rough grinding to finishing.

  • Each specific disc type has features and benefits unique to the particular application for which it was designed.
  • Electrostatic coating process orients the sharpest cutting edge of the grain upward and allows for uniform grain coverage, providing for maximum aggression.
  • Individually coated. This process assures consistent grain dispersion to the outermost edge and most important cutting area of the disc.
  • Completely sealed (front and back) to maintain the moisture content of the fibre, significantly extending shelf life under extreme changes of atmospheric conditions.
  • Preshaped to maintain proper assembly relationship between disc and back-up pad.
Product #Marvel 115415
Product NameMarvel 115415 4 1/2 X 7/8 X AZ36 Resin Fiber Disc